Our tags and paper are fully organic, and embedded with wildflower seeds. This handmade lotka paper is made in the highlands of Nepal by rural craftspeople in an environmentally friendly process with 50% recycled content. The raw material for our paper is the Daphne bush. It is farmed and harvested from 3-4 year old plants that are cut down and stripped of their bark. The plant is not destroyed when cut down, it regenerates from the root. The cane like stick, once its bark is removed is dried and used to heat the villager’s homes, to provide fuel for cooking and also for the production of the paper. All of the water used in the paper production is reclaimed and reused. The bark is beaten by hand and boiled to break it down to a pulp (where it is mixed in with recycled pulp and paper scrap collected from the card and envelope manufacturing process) that is then pored into screens to form the sheets. These sheets are then dried in the sun. 

Our shipping bags are fully biodegradable.

The thought of a manufacturer making our suits feels so impersonal and we want to know everyone working for Iroh is being taken care of.
We are proud to pay a livable wage to our seamstresses who work comfortably in their homes.

We send our fabric scraps to a fabric recycler so nothing gets sent to a landfill. You’re encouraged to send back any iroh swimwear that needs altering, or fixed. Please dont throw away a suit! We will recycle any old suits you have, Iroh or not. Send it to us. irohswimhelp@gmail.com

We like to support brands like our own. 98% of our supplies come from small businesses.